calline: (but got plenty of beer.)
2011-03-21 08:31 pm


Salut, je suis Calline. This is my little nook of the ol' web where I like to dump my simming creations in the hope that someone else may take some interest in them.

And because I know (the majority of) you won't read it unless it's in your face; here's my policy.

You can do whatever the hell you want with my creations. People have downloaded them, uploaded them to other sites unmodified or claimed them as their own. Seriously? Who are you harming? Not me certainly, moar peeps have access to my stuff now. You can use them with sims, modify them however you want, share them with the world, heck, tell your friends you made them!

Basically there's only one rule: No paysites, ever. This includes The Sims Resource.

Now hopefully I haven't put you off with that one rule (zomg.) so feel free to check out the little I have here.