calline: (baby bump that track.)
2010-03-21 08:13 pm

I Need A Hero - Peggy #06275 Pooklet'd

If you didn't immediately fall in love with this Peggy hair, you're probably a very picky person or just plain odd. Of course, I had to have it, but Peggy's textures are meh. So of course, I used Pooklet amazing textures and colour actions, and now I truly do feel satisfied. This is already one of my favourite hairs of all time, and I actually think my game was incomplete without it. So thank you Peggy for the mesh, and Pooklet for the textures.

Available in all of Pooklet's colours, in all ages.
Binned, Familied and mesh is included (courtesy of the booty).

Credits: Pooklet for the textures, Peggy/Booty for the mesh.