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Salut, je suis Calline. This is my little nook of the ol' web where I like to dump my simming creations in the hope that someone else may take some interest in them.

And because I know (the majority of) you won't read it unless it's in your face; here's my policy.

You can do whatever the hell you want with my creations. People have downloaded them, uploaded them to other sites unmodified or claimed them as their own. Seriously? Who are you harming? Not me certainly, moar peeps have access to my stuff now. You can use them with sims, modify them however you want, share them with the world, heck, tell your friends you made them!

Basically there's only one rule: No paysites, ever. This includes The Sims Resource.

Now hopefully I haven't put you off with that one rule (zomg.) so feel free to check out the little I have here.
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Hey guys, here's a sneak preview of a project I'm working on - with an oriental/international theme. I was bored and wanted to make some clothing (my sims are in desperate need, seriously) so I made this dress. I absolutely love it personally, I need to fix up a few things here and there, but it's pretty much seamless, with sharp textures and I can proudly say it's the best thing I've made yet. Please do let me know what you think, I don't know if I can be arsed to recolour it or not yet. Suggestions for colours please?

What do you think? Continue/Abandon this project? I'll probably be sharing the dress once it's fixed up.

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Okay, so I have something to showww you guys. This is a sim of mine I've worked very, very hard on. I showed him to my friend and she said: "That's the ugliest sim I've ever seen". Now, I understand that not everbody has the same taste, but I was actually quite offended. It's not something you say to someone, especially not a friend. I appreciate honesty, but what the hell? I don't like a lot of her 'creations' but I always take her feelings into consideration.

Anyway, this is Mario De Leeuw.

Now I really want to hear your opinion on him, because I want to know if I'm the only one who finds him attractive. Please leave a comment and do be honest! Also, let me know if you guys would like to see a download link or something.

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If you didn't immediately fall in love with this Peggy hair, you're probably a very picky person or just plain odd. Of course, I had to have it, but Peggy's textures are meh. So of course, I used Pooklet amazing textures and colour actions, and now I truly do feel satisfied. This is already one of my favourite hairs of all time, and I actually think my game was incomplete without it. So thank you Peggy for the mesh, and Pooklet for the textures.

Available in all of Pooklet's colours, in all ages.
Binned, Familied and mesh is included (courtesy of the booty).

Credits: Pooklet for the textures, Peggy/Booty for the mesh.

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So, I found these lips on the exchange and I was totally obsessed with them. I don't know who the original creator is, unfortunately, I'm guessing it may be Ephemera, mais je ne sais pas. Because the colours weren't quite to my liking, I recoloured the living hell out of it and tada! Sorry that the file names are awfully confusing, I'm working on getting a better preview picture. Anyway, I actually plan on making moar recolours, because I just love this set too darn much. Probably going to recolour some others as well, I've got a two week holiday and nothing to do (except study, but...), so yeah.

Moar previews/colours + download. )


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